Processes-Curriculum Section

Student Related

  1. Course Selection: Incoming students select courses for the upcoming semester at the time of registration. Continuing students make initial course selections for the coming semester prior to the end of the current semester.
  2. Adding and Dropping Courses: Students may add or drop any class during the set period at the beginning of each semester, according to available space. Students may not enroll in courses with time conflicts without the approval of the departments concerned (special arrangements allowed for time conflicts with practicums and lab periods). Students may be required to drop courses with time conflicts.
  3. Summer Sessions Courses: A large number of courses are offered during the summer months (July-Sept.). There are two sessions for summer months. The first session is from late June to early August. The second session is from early August to early September. Students may register for a maximum of 6 credits per session. Students from other schools must file a certificate of eligibility form at the Registrar Section.