1st semester, 2022-23 Academic year

Topic: Surfing over 40 countries, Yuching will show you her world map.
Lecturer: Yu-Ching, Cheng Wedding host/ Medical PR

Topic: Things I Wish I Knew Before Graduating
Lecturer: Ms. Wan-Ju, Lee of CEO of English Learning Institute.

Topic: Life presents many choices, the choices we make determine our future.
Lecturer: Ms. Yi-Wen Chen of Chief Executive Office, CEO of LIFE DESIGNER & Co.

Topic: Foreign Languages Open the Door to a Bigger World
Lecturer: Mr. Chen-Hsiao Kuan of Secretary, Foreign Trade Office in Taipei

Topic: To Master the Art of Speaking: From Work to Daily Life
Lecturer: Mr. Wei-Sheng Tsa of News Anchor & Financial Reporter.

Topic: Mission Impossible Turn Crisis into Opportunity
Lecturer: Ms. Hou, Pei-Yin of Director of Public Relations of Shine Ray Co. Ltd.