Learning Services

1. Extension Courses on Learning:

  • A series of workshops, discussion meetings, and extension courses on learnig strategies and methods are offered for students, free of charge. 
  • Special needs of learning counseling in groups initiated from classes or departments can be sent to TLRC, which will offer suitable courses for the needs. 

2. Individual Learning Counseling:

  • Those students who have problems with learning can apply directly to TLRC for individual learning counseling to acquire relevant learning suggestion.
  • Those students who have problems with learning can also seek counseling from  the department tutors, who will decide on the need for seeking help from TLRC, that will arrange suitable counseling activities based on the learning counseling report filed by the tutors.

3. Peer Learning Assistance:

  • Teaching Assistant: A peer learning  mechanism for professional courses.  Competent teaching assistants selected from students recommended and approved by departments will offer professional learning assistance for those students in need.
  • Tutor: A remedial instructional mechanism offered for those students in special needs.  Competent students approved by TLRC will offer individual learning assistance for those students that have problems with special courses.
  • Subject: ​To be announced
  • Location: Self-Learning Center (Third floor of Library, Taipei Campus)and Maker Space (Second floor of Library, Taoyuan Campus)
  • Available hour: To be announced
  • On-line Counselling service: Teams link

4. Learning Resources:

  • Spaces and resources are provided for those students who actively seek ways to improve their learning, including DVDs and books on learning strategies and method.