TA Applications

  1. Applicants should apply to their departments for TA after the application period is announced by the TLRC. Each department can have its own selection policy, based on which an ordered list of TA candidates is sent to TLRC for further review.
  2. TA candidates should submit application forms with their historical grade list and related information attached to TLRC.
  3. The TA policy of TLRC is depicted as follows: Required courses are in the first priority. The same courses with different classes are better to be merged as one. One TA is allocated to classes with more than 50 students enrolled in. One more TA is allocated for every extra 30 students enrolled in that class. For those classes with less than 50 students enrolled in, the department should propose an explanation for the necessity of TA allocation.
  4. Two categories of TA are granted. The first is Paid TA, and the other is Volunteer TA. All TAs, once granted the job, should receive TA training programs. Those who finish the programs will have the TA passport issued by the TLRC.
  5. Every TA serves at most two courses. Once the semester is finished, TA applications should be proposed all over again.
  6. The department and course teachers are obliged to supervise and evaluate the TAs.
  7. The quota of Paid TA is dependent on the year’s budget.