Teaching Services

  1. Teaching Practice (Micro-Teaching Session): For those teachers going to attend their first class, this service allows them to teach one-another by playing roles of teachers and students simultaneously with an experienced member staff around. Afterwards, they can have a confidential interview with the expert individually, who can then give constructive suggestions.
  2. Videotaping Your Class: For those teachers encountering specific difficult educational situations, this service provides free on-class videotaping, which will be analyzed by an expert, that can then has a confidential interview with the teachers, giving them useful and constructive suggestions.
  3. Early Feedback Evaluation: For those teachers wanting to know the feedbacks from students as early as two to three weeks after the semester starts, this service will help them conduct an early evaluation of the teaching.
  4. Course Observation: An expert can be invited to attend the class, watching how a teacher proceed during the session, and then give the confidential suggestions to the teacher.
  5. Individual Consultations: Teachers can apply for an individual consultant to have a confidential interview on related teaching skills and issues.