Duties-Enrollment Center


The Enrollment Center is established to work the multi-faceted domestic admission channels and attract exceptional talents, with one director and two staff. We are responsible for recruiting-related matters, including establishing recruitment strategies, holding recruitment activities on-campus (i.e. University camp, Freshmen Welcome Party, and Discover MCU camp) and off-campus (i.e. University Fair, Introduction of fields of study and interview simulations with allied high school students).

Ms. Chueh, Su-Ju
Extension: 2748
E-mail: srchuen@mail.mcu.edu.tw

  • Plan and promote annual recruitment strategy
  • Promote recruitment related strategy alliance
  • Plan and integrate on-campus recruitment resources and training
  • Hold annual recruitment evaluation meeting
  • Draft and revise recruitment related regulations
  • Compile and analysis various recruitment information
  • Compile, file the official documentation for approval and verify disbursement for scholarship of outstanding new students enrollment and allied high school
  • Process and reply recruitment claim

Ms. Mai, Juo-Yu
Extension: 2271
E-mail: fionamai@mail.mcu.edu.tw

  • Select, train, and manage for work-study
  • Plan, compile, compose, and mail recruitment publication (poster, university synopsis, and DVD)
  • Maintain recruitment webpage for high school students, mcupr, and mcufresh
  • Topic speeches and interview simulations for high school and vocational high school data for Academic Affairs Division
  • Plan and execute Referral Examination and Department Required Test Expo
  • Select, train, and hold competition for goodwill ambassador
  • Execute and wrap up Ming Chuan University camp
  • Execute and wrap up Discover Ming Chuan Camp

Ms. Lai I-Ting
Extension: 2522
E-mail: itinglai@mail.mcu.edu.tw

  • Manage official documentation, property and apply budget
  • Purchase and manage recruitment gift
  • Maintain new student webpage
  • Students and faculty of high school and vocational high school visit events
  • Train and hold competition for goodwill ambassador
  • Plan and execute University Expo and hold introduction of field of studies in high school and vocational high school
  • Execute and wrap up Freshmen Welcome Party
  • Execute and wrap up winter and summer vacation camp
  • Execute and wrap up Discover Ming Chuan Camp